Worlds Largest Bounce House

The World’s Biggest Bounce House Has Made It’s Way to California

Welcome back, Disney Darlings! You read that right, The World’s Biggest Bounce House has made it’s way West and is currently in Southern California!

If you head just 60 miles North of Disneyland, about an hour drive, you will find the biggest bounce house in the world. The Big Bounce America is Guiness World Record as the world’s largest bounce house at a little over 13,00 square feet and 32 feet high. This massive structure isn’t just for kids either, it’s a bounce house for adults too! Withing the inflatable attractions you will find basketball hoops, couches, obstacle courses, a massive set of slides and there’s even a ball pit! It’s an Instagram photo dreamland and will bring back the child within.

The Big Bounce America Presents The World’s Biggest Bounce House

Get ready to have some fun, once you enter you’ll never want to leave!

Take a ride on one of the obstacle courses then slide down onto your next adventure!

Inside this obstacle course you will find a jungle of a maze while you try to escape through the wild you’ll be bouncing around in delight.

Need to stop for a break? Take a photo on one of the giant inflatible chairs or couches throughout the structure. And if you’re looking to shoot some hoops instead, inflatable basketballs are ready to go for a quick game.

Head to one of the extended bounce houses to explore the ball pit!

Or to the other side where you can race a friend in a massive slide competition!

Looking to hop around? Find your way into the rabbit obstacle course, but watch out for the inflatible arms, they’ll getcha!

Take a moment to pose with this turnip? Mushroom? Purple Flower? Honestly, I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was fun and that’s all I needed!

There’s also a Candy Cane forrest to run through! This made my inner Christmas fanatic very excited.

And when you’re all done, take a seat on the large inflatable couch to catch your breath from all the fun!

But wait, there’s more!

There are 3 other Inflatable bounce houses at this fun event that come included with your ticket price! The all new for 2020, Sport Slam, where you can battle it out with your friends playing inflatable sport games. The air Space obsatcle course featuring a giant maze. And The Giant, a 900 foot obstacle course which I tried and woah, is that the best obstacle course I’ve been on since make believe in gym class.

Where is The Big Bounce America Now?

The Big Bounce America is currently in San Bernardino for it’s March 7 & 8 tour dates. It will be heading back and forth across America over the next few weeks and will return to Cali March 21, 27 & 28th in the City of Fresno. Come April 4,5,10,11 & 12th it will embark farther North to Sacramento.

According to The Big Bounce America website, it will also be making a stop at some point in Los Angeles, although dates have yet to be selected. It also has TBD tour dates for San Jose, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Sana Rosa and Oakland CA.

How Much Are Tickets to The Big Bounce America?

With one ticket, you get three hours to experience all of the attractions. The World’s Biggest Bounce House is scheduled for a specific time slot, but the other 3 inflatables are unlimited during your time.

Toddler Sessions (Age 3 and Under adults accompanying children must purchase an adult ticket) – $17 per child
Junior and Bigger Kids Sessions – $28 per child (Junior 7 years and younger, Bigget Kids 15 Years and Younger)
Adult Sessions (16 and over ONLY) – $35 per ticket


Children age 3 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children 4 & above can enter the Juniors or Bigger Kids sessions with or without a parent. Spectators are welcome for no charge.

Tickets are cheapest when purchased in advance from the website and cost more if purchased on the day of the event at the box office. Make sure to get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!

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Until next time, Disney Darlings!


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