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What’s New at Pixar Pier? Part 1 – The Adventure

We had so much fun exploring the all-new Pixar Pier on its opening weekend. There are so many new things to do that we just couldn’t wait to share them all with you! But there are so many new things we decided to break it up into 2 parts. In this post, we have the adventure – all of the fun and games and rides that Pixar Pier has to offer. Part 2 will be the food! And there is so much food your stomach will do backflips! But first let’s take a look at the adventure.

What’s New at Pixar Pier? 

The Pixar Pier is now open and fans of all ages can get their fix of some of the best new Pixar moments. I stopped by to find out all the new amazing things the pier has to offer. If you’re a fan of any Pixar film, there’s a very high chance that there will be something here that you love. From the all-new Lamplight Lounge to the re-themed Incredicoaster, your Pixar fever will be cured in no time. Do you like Wall-e? Or maybe Up! is your cup of tea? How about Coco or Inside out? And the classics like Toy Story and Finding Nemo? Then you are going to find something you love at Pixar Pier. Here are some of the new things you will find for Pixar Fest and beyond!

All-New Pier Billboards

There are 4 new billboards to carry you into the world of Pixar. These Instagrammable photo-ops are a great way to start your pier journey!

UP! The Adventure is Here!

The billboard pointing to a below scene of Pixar Pier as Russell and Carl fly in their balloon covered house over Disneyland Resort.

The Adventure is Down There!

Wall-e and Eve’s Special Moments

Fall in love and find your special moment alongside Wall-e and Eve as they gaze lovingly into each other’s robot eyes…. if they can gaze into each other’s eyes. They are robots after all.

Keep Our Pier Clean

The Characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory remind you to kindly “Keep Our Pier Clean” and also subtly remind you to keep the ocean clean as well. Who wouldn’t want to save those cute little handholding otters?

Diversion Para Toda La Familia

Translating to “Fun for the Whole Family”, join Miguel and his familia both alive and in spirit in their humongous family photo! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up next to Mama Coco for a photo full of love and warmth?

The Knick’s Knacks Store

Take a detour into the Knick’s Knacks store to get all your Pixar gear and merchandise. The store has a little bit of everything for everyone. Almost all of your favorite Pixar characters and movies are available here. If you aren’t sure how this is Pixar related, well that’s where you will be glad to know that not only is this a Pixar film, it’s actually the first one ever made!

The Incredicoaster

Ride with Dash, Violet, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible on this high intensity roller coaster as they try to catch baby Jack-Jack. He is fully power ready and using them with little to no control! It seems the only one who can get baby Jack-Jack to calm down is Edna Mode! But we won’t tell you how; you’ll have to find out by riding the coaster for yourself! You’ll be like Hercules, from 0 to hero in no time flat, as you help the other heroes rescue baby Jack-Jack from himself! But remember NO CAPES!

Take a journey with the incredibles to find the adventure and fun!

Pixar Pal-A-Round Ferris Wheel

The newly themed Pixar Pal-A-Round will take you high into the sky inside ferris wheel carts featuring your favorite Pixar faces. The ride still has the standard non-swinging and swinging gondolas, just with a bit of a face lift. The ride itself didn’t change from the former Mickey’s Fun Wheel, but it will bring back all the memories of your beloved Pixar films!

The Adventure on the All New Pixar Pal-A-Round Ferris Wheel

The Adventure Awaits in the Boardwalk Games

Wall-e Space Race

This water gun game will have you racing to the stars as Wall-e and Eve battle it out to reach the top first. The prizes include stuffed Wall-e, Eve and the little trash vacuum robot that is like a mixture of wall-e and eve with a Roomba attached to the front of it.

Bullseye’s Stallon Stampede

Roll your way to first place with this game of skill that matches how good your skee-ball skills are while sitting down and rapid-firing balls at the holes! Prizes here are Stuffed Woody and Bullseye’s and Jessie’s!

La Luna Star Catcher

Throw Stars into buckets to try to win a prize! Based off the short before Pixar’s Brave, this game is all about getting your stars back up on the moon!

Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss

Gobble gobble gobble, Heimlich is hungry! And his favorite food is candy corn! This game you have to toss candy corn bean bags at his mouth so he can eat it and you build points! Prizes here are stuffed candy corn emoji’s and Heimlich dolls!

The Adventure Coming in 2019!

Jessie’s Critter Carousel which was formerly King Trident’s Carosuel will be making it’s debut for a fun-filled time with all the toys from Toy Story.

Jessie's Critter Carousel
Courtesy of the Walt Disney Co. and Disney

And the recently announced unnamed – but we hope the “mood swings” – Inside Out ride, which is just Flick’s Flyers which will be repurposed and re-themed from a Bug’s Land! Both Rides are set to open sometime in 2019.

Inside Out Ride Pixar Pier
Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

We hope that you’re as excited to visit the pier as we were and that you get to try out all the new amazing adventures! Don’t forget to check out part 2 – all about the food of Pixar Pier! Until then, make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list to get all the new updates first!


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