Disney Alien Popcorn Bucket

The Alien Popcorn Bucket and Rose Gold Minnie Ears: How to Find Trending Disney Items Before They Sell Out

I am the queen of the Trending Disney Items. I have Rose Gold Minnie Ears, Millennial Pink Minnie Ears, the Sally Minnie Ears, and my latest conquest – The Alien Popcorn Bucket. But these hot ticket items that sell out so quickly and don’t come back for weeks, or longer, are hard to come by.

Here are some of my insider tips on how to get the alien popcorn bucket and other hot Trending Disney items.

Rose Gold Minnie Ears are the Birth of the Trending Disney Items.

Rose Gold Minnie Ears
My Rose Gold Ears are My favorite Obsession. #BelleGoals

I will be honest, I didn’t come by these on my own – I got my pair from my friend, Iris. She had gotten me a pair as a birthday gift when I thought they were sold out forever. BUT, I did manage to help my friend Kaitlyn get some, and I wasn’t even at the park to do so.

How? Well, I follow Instagram tags of Trending Disney items and watch them carefully. When the Rose Gold Minnie Ears came back in stock last November, my friend Kaitlyn happened to be at the park at the time. I knew she really wanted them so I text her right away with updates of how long ago and where they were spotted.

She had to do the hard work and high-tail it to the World of Disney store to get them before they sold out. And she did, she got them and an hour later, they were all gone. Never to return to the park again – at least for that month. They got another stock back in December and now, they’re everywhere.

Millennial Pink Minnie Ears That Will Make Your Head Shine.

Trending Disney Items: Millennial Pink Minnie EarsI was prepared for trending Disney items but these ears I over-prepared for. I had become a seasoned vet and knew the tricks. What day they would be coming out, what store they would be sold in and what time to head to the park as soon as the parking structure opened – at 6am. And then I waited, for almost 2 hours, in a line of about 1000 people. It’s not all magic and glamour, you gotta do the time to look fine.

But Alas, I got them for myself and then I also got some for my friends who couldn’t make it down because I am a nice person. I only buy extra for friends who want them (and they get my AP discount too because I’m extra nice) and then I usually buy one extra as a giveaway pair for my instagram.

Sally Minnie Ears Are a Nightmare To Get Before Christmas.

The SOLD OUT Sally Ears from the Nightmare Before Christmas – luckily now back in stock.

These Sally Ears were hot trending Disney Items, released on a week day. I knew Iris really wanted a pair and couldn’t drive down on a Thursday because of her work schedule, but I have a little more flexibility and was able to head down right after work. I battled LA rush hour traffic and was able to score a couple of pairs for Iris and a giveaway.

This time I was very lucky – they sold out by the end of the night. Again, I knew they were in stock thanks to instagram hashtags and made it my mission to get there ASAP. Get yours right away.

The Alien Popcorn Bucket; The Cutest of Trending Disney Items.

Trending Disney Items: Annual Passholder Alien Popcorn Bucket
Fred The Alien Popcorn Bucket

Ok, these Trending Disney Items are adorable and are for Annual Passholders only. I want to make it clear that I don’t condone AP’s buying 10 of them. Then selling them online to non-AP’s for a profit. Then the actual AP’s can’t get them.

But at the last and final release, I saw them on an instagram hashtag and knew they would be gone by the end of the day. I actually took a half day at work that day and raced to the parks. I knew I couldn’t get the $1 refills without getting my butt in gear.

When I got to the park the lines were MASSIVE. I found the shortest line at the popcorn stand near the Materhorn and that still took 40 minutes. Now, I have Fred, and we are popcorn BFFs. He is a bit bulky to carry around at the parks. At least until June 21 when the $1 refill promotion ends.


Basically, the trick here is either A. be in the right place at the right time. Or B. make it be the right time by moving hell and high water. Items deemed Trending “hot” go faster than Lightning McQueen so be quick to score yours!

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