BREAKING: Disneyland Increases Prices Significantly in 2019

BREAKING: A Disney Price Increase is here again.

Welcome back, Disney Darlings! The Disney price increases have arrived and they are more significant than we expected. As we all know, inflation is a part of life. And although Disneyland is a world of magic that takes you away from normal everyday realities, it still needs to keep the lights on and so price increases are a result. But this last price increases is one of the most extreme to ever hit the resort and it may be due to the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge approaching this summer.

The price increases affect individual ticket sales, annual passes and even parking.

As you can see from the Disneyland Resort Website the price of most annual passes raised around $150.

Price Increase on Disneyland Annual Passes
Disneyland Annual Pass Prices

Individual tickets around $50 and parking raised by $5.

This is all probably for 2 reasons: 1. Disneyland always raises prices around this time of year and 2. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is opening soon and they are hoping this big-ticket attraction will bring more people to the parks and they’ll pay the increased price.

Either way, if you’re a Disneyland resort pass-holder, the prices are still worth it. If you have the Signature pass and attend the park at least 5 times in a year your pass and parking already pay for themselves.


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