7 Ways to Beat The Heat at Disneyland

We all want to go to Disneyland. It’s a magical past time full of adventure and wonder. It takes us to a place where we can forget all of our troubles.

Unless the heat reaches 90 degrees in sunny Southern California and your day of magic quickly turns into a day of misery.

These are some of the best ways to beat the Disneyland Heat from a seasoned professional – myself.


1. Drink Water

Beat The Heat With a Big Glass of Water
This is Suzie, she was my #CMoftheDay and gave me great service and a giant cup of water!

Water is your friend 365 days out of the year but, on those especially hot days walking in the park and waiting in long lines under the hot beating sun, water is your BEST friend.

Did you know that you could go into almost any Disneyland restaurant and ask for a complimentary cup of water?

You don’t even have to wait in line!

You just go up to a cast member and they’ll point you to the front of the line. In certain places, like Pizza Planet and Stage Door Café, they even give you large cups of water at request! So keep yourself hydrated and keep cool.


2. Escape the Heat; Ride Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain - Disneyland
We are the 4 weirdos in the back

The magical journey with the characters of the classic 1946 Disney film “Song of The South” – yeah, I bet you didn’t know that was a Disney movie based ride – is not only catchy and will have you singing zip-a-dee-doo-dah, but the 9 minute ride also happens to contain 950,000 gallons of water, 3 dips and a 5-story water fall.


You are sure to get a cool down on this ride because you WILL get wet.

It’s best to grab a fast past for Splash Mountain or try the SINGLE RIDER entrance at the Exit. “The start is at the beginning” any Ready Player One fans? No…ok. Moving on.

3.  Soak Yourself on Grizzly River Run

They can’t only have a water ride in Disneyland Resort, they must have one in Disney California Adventure as well! You will most likely get soaked on Grizzly River Run!

I’ve been on it enough times to know that my underwear and shoes are always wet after I leave. It’s not the most pleasant feeling on a cold day, but when its 95 degrees and humid it feels great!

4. Take a Dip in the Fountains Outside World of Color

If you don’t mind getting wet, or if you’ve already been on Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain, you can head to the fountains right across from The Little Mermaid ride.

Jump, splash and play in the water spouts that come shooting out of the ground. This is also a fun activity to keep the kids busy and cooled off!

5. Find Shade from the Heat

Minnie Mouse's House ToonTown Disneyland
Dana and Iris hiding in a shaded spot at Minnie’s House in Toon Town.

A rare find in Disneyland is shade because they designed the parks to make sure the flow of traffic keeps moving. There is rarely a spot you can stop and chill in. Don’t believe me?

The streets of Main Street USA were paved with dark pavement so that the sun hits it and creates heat to drive you into the stores to buy things!

Yeah, they’re tricky. They know just how to rope us in to the Ice Cream Parlor and Coca Cola Refreshments. But there are places around the park with some shade that you can find for a quick break.

Stop for water or just to rest your feet when you find a spot!

6. Visit The Emporium on Main Street, USA

Fun Fact – The Emporium is actually the coldest store in ALL of Disneyland resort. It also happens to be the main source where they sell their sweatshirt supply. This is to encourage guests in the store to forget how hot it is and to buy a sweatshirt.

I like to go here to escape the heat on a hot day, but it can get very busy.

7. PRO HEAT TIP – The Animation Academy – A Hidden Secret 

Beast's Library - Disneyland
Inside Beast’s Library – my favorite spot in all of Disneyland

My favorite place in all of Disneyland is Beasts Library. This may have to do with the fact that I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. It’s also in the building to keep you cool in the heat – The Animation Academy.

You’ll enjoy going here to learn how to draw your favorite character with an animator and you can have a Turtle Talk with Crush from Finding Nemo. Also, you can meet Anna and Elsa or hang out in the Sorcerer’s Workshop.

I also like to hang out in the center and watch the show of all your favorite Disney songs, along with their original animations. But it’s also a cool place, and the lights are low, so it’s the perfect hid-out from the heat.

The building also has air-conditioning so that helps.


That’s it! If you’ve taken all these steps and you’re still hot and cranky then it seems like it might be best to call it a day. Finally, don’t forget it’s all about having fun and it’s okay to call it quits if it’s too hot out!

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